Posted at 23 July 2021

Creating value while meeting the challenges of today pet industry: Can alternative sourcing and eco-design be the answer while ensuring pets’ enjoyment?

ICOMST | August 24th 2021 | 16:45-17:30 | Session: Sustainability in meat processing-waste management and pet food production


Dogs are omnivorous, cats are strict carnivorous. Can the pet food industry continue to please pets and meet the challenges of a global growing planet? The list of constraints is long: increase of human population and increase of pet ownership, protein availability, acceleration of governmental pledges toward climate change and agricultural efforts to be brought to limit greenhouse gas emissions,  high sustainability  standards expected by pet parents, regulatory and sanitary constraints in a world market… all those elements make it complex!

Using the example of palatability enhancers, key ingredients used by pet food manufacturers to allow a good acceptance of pet foods, we will show that several alternatives can exist to offer sustainable solutions within the value chain. Historically founded on circular economy and side stream valorization of the meat industry, now it comes to go one step ahead. 


Eco-design of products, sustained by a strong methodology, is part of the answer. Not all by-products are equivalent in term of footprint or functionality, and this is strengthened by an industrial strategy consisting in local by-product valorization and proximity to customers. Additionally, alternative sourcing to meat by-products has been investigated: it was shown, that, thanks to a deep knowledge of cats’ and dogs’ sensory drivers, process mastery and analytics, non meat palatants have a potential to please both cats and dogs. Some examples will be given with algae and insects. 


This presentation aims to show that the pet food industry can play an important role in managing conscientiously resources and waste while not compromising ability for future generations to meet their environmental, social and economic needs.

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